One for the holidays

It’s that time of year again To shop and cook seems such a pain Yet this is simply not what it’s all about There are also laughs and cheers Bottled ales and sweet, cold beers Little ones who love to scream and shout A nice little getaway Children gathered round to play Night time skating … Continue reading

Happy days

A golden stroke of sunlight In the calm chill of the morning The kiss of a coffee cup With the warmth of a thousand bitter Drops of heaven… A single songbird perched nearby, Chirping till its heart content Waking in the sleep of a hundred. I sit here lost in thought While I gaze into … Continue reading

Checking in!

Originally posted on The Official Website of Mihir Kamat:
Hello all! It feels great to be back at the keyboard after all this while. To everyone who was wondering where I’d been off hibernating, I want to let you know that I’ve moved many miles across the globe, and am now well settled in a…

Graduation day

The mother spots her teenager easily Bobbing in a sea of black As she meekly takes her seat at the back In the ocean of parents gathered today. A quiet stream of tears flow Somewhere between the laugh lines And curvy, dimpled chins. A sense of pride emerges, knowing, He was once, just a little … Continue reading

Good times

If pictures could talk, They could write an epic, Or recite a symphony, Like no other. I hope they’d talk About the day that we met, Of the chemistry as we looked Into each other’s eyes, Or of watching us laugh like no tomorrow. How we danced in the rain, Like toddlers without a care … Continue reading


The night is young and restless As the candlelight glitters on her face She’s all dressed up in black silk With eyes that betray her frenzied search. She wears an unlikely grimace As her wine’s insipid, yet she sips on, A mere ploy to kill time; To fill a vacant void. I name her, Serena; … Continue reading

The storm

We watch the moon in all its brilliance The light, it shines across the bay The sea is calm, but there’s a storm Brewing somewhere in the distance. The world’s away, left far behind But there’s no escaping your probing stare Clearly there’s more to be wanted, or felt More left for the taking. I … Continue reading



She glitters on, unfazed at the touch of human skin; as he mulls holding her with jittery fingertips. He wonders what a hole she would make in his pocket, yet considering she would be totally worth it. She looks around, scoffing at her peers; they can only stare back, green with envy for she carries … Continue reading

The crush

The boy focused his eyes at the empty arch staring back at him. With every twist and turn of its ornate stone, it spoke to him of the days gone by. Barely twenty-one, he felt like his scrawny arms had shouldered the weight of the world. It came to him as if it were yesterday. … Continue reading


Where there was once time To look into her eyes And find my world Hidden deep within them I’m now left staring Into four-inch screens Trying to hold on To a shred of a relationship. Where there once was space To hum along a melody Or to find an old record And relate to its … Continue reading

At First Sight – Now available in stores!

At First Sight – Now available in stores!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that At First Sight is officially available for purchase, all around the world! It’s been a year of hard work watching the book develop, and I’m proud and excited to be launching and introducing it to the world. Many thanks to everyone who have already bought the book, … Continue reading

Off to the presses!

Off to the presses!

For those of you who were wondering where I’d gone, you’re in for a treat. I’ve spent the last 30 days putting the finishing touches on my first ever book, titled “At First Sight”, a collection of short stories based on some of my previous work. The manuscript is finally ready and is off to … Continue reading

The last kiss

There are moments, I’ve wished That would never end, and once they do, That they’d never begun. Soul searching, yet out of reach Falling out of comfortable arms From cushioned relief Into raging nightmares Where the beast is awake Ready to feast on mellow creatures The mind wanders, endlessly, carelessly, Aimlessly, pointlessly, wordlessly Staring into … Continue reading

Life and death

I’m here again in the company of Wizened flowers, that form a deathly mosaic Beautiful once, now a mere arrangement Of wilted roses and shriveled lilacs You chose to go to that better place And left me here to my loneliness Now I try clutch on to cherished memories As I hold these in my … Continue reading

Sipping coffee

Sipping coffee

The first ray of morning sunlight creeps into the room through dusty window panes, fragmenting the light that it allows to pass. The floorboards are rickety, with the eerie creaks getting louder as a furry rodent scurries lightly across the hallway. The fresh smell of varnish on the oak sideboard heightens the senses, and plays … Continue reading