Open your eyes

Inspiration is everywhere. A coffee cup. A winter ravaged tree. The apple seed you just threw away. Dog poop. A smashed car. The point is, anything and everything in the world around us is inspiring. *feels small*

Inspiring enough to write a story.

The biggest complaint some writers have is that they have nothing to write. On a day where there is no inspiration, the feet feel heavy, the eyes drowsy, seat uncomfortable. Clothes seem ill-fitting, your focus dwindles and instead finds shiny things *OOH SHINY!* on Facebook and Twitter and anything and everything that usually fades in the background when you’re ready and buckled in and churning page after page of awe-inspiring awesomeness. On those days you’d rather wish you could simply go back to sleep and hope a new day has a different effect.

Nothing different is ever going to happen.

They’re just things you tell yourself to…

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