Worst day of my life!

This happened to me way back in 2006. I was immediately reminded of this day when I saw today’s daily prompt, so thought I would share the story.

A cold Friday morning. Almost like a sign from God that today was going to be the most messed up day of my life. It took me more time than required on the pot today, yet I didn’t take the hint. Normal, I thought, could happen to anyone.

I walked to the bus stop, and surely enough, watched my bus going right in front of my eyes. Futile, I thought, chasing halfheartedly behind it; cursing, and finally realizing the bus had won. Waiting was not an option; the next bus was an hour away. I had to do something…

I fought an old uncle for a cab to the train station. I felt bad for him, but couldn’t help it; I was running late. Fighting didn’t help make for lost time, my cab got stuck in a freak traffic jam that appeared out of nowhere. It ended up costing me twenty bucks more than my entire trip fare! Not to mention, I’d forgotten to refill my wallet with the required “allowance” for the day (a stupid system I maintained to keep accounts – which today had backfired royally) and I was left with a little under ten bucks. “Crap”, I said to myself…

I managed to get into a slow local train. No relief there too – I was lucky to have escaped the crowd unhurt, but definitely got manhandled. Damn it! At 7:30 AM. I got down and dusted myself; checking for lost body parts. More importantly, checking if all my belongings were intact. It was only last week that I had lost my shiny new bag pack to this merciless crowd, one of the reasons why I hated traveling by train.

I felt my luck turning. I saw this gorgeous girl running toward me at full speed. Wow! She was way out of my league, I’d bet she was one of those underwear models if it weren’t at the train station. “Yeah, she’s coming to me”, I thought, getting my hopes up. Too fast. She ran right past me; her shoulder brushing against mine, but she was in too much of a hurry to notice. There were more important things in her life – like the train just about to leave the station. How stupid was I! I should have known; me of all people – what was I thinking?

I reached class an hour late; I had missed the first lecture. I found a nice spot on the last bench. “Finally some luck”, I thought, as I knew the next lecture would be quite boring anyways.

The professor walked in, apparently having different plans. He started “grilling” the backbenchers mercilessly (must have had a fight at home or something last night). Whatever it was, I took the full blast; I couldn’t answer a single question he asked (hell, I couldn’t even remember what subject he taught!). He told me to submit an assignment, not less than 4 pages (surely the next big epic). What next?

The lecture finally ended after what seemed like forever. I saw my sweetheart walking through the door. Though she didn’t know about my crush, I liked her a lot. I sheepishly wished her “Good Morning!” She replied back with a yawn, clearly not having slept well the previous night. I decided to leave her be, but her walking in sure made me feel better!

More lectures – and more assignments. We were now burdened with two more assignments, due over the weekend – leave alone the mental torture endured during the lectures.

Break time! It felt nice catching up with friends. “Why don’t they have two-hour breaks”, I exclaimed, “we really need them, at least on such days”. I realized I did not have enough money for lunch, so I had to make do with some juice from the canteen.

Next, we had practicals – and my lousy day continued. I was the lead in my group; my group received a warning for not getting things done on time. The teacher looked at us as if we had gravely sinned. “Great!” I said. I felt like a total loser.

At least now there’s a bright side – I get to go home finally. And this day will vanish like a bad dream. I managed to get a final glimpse of my sweetheart getting into the elevator. It was the silver lining on a very huge, dark cloud. I smiled to myself, “She makes everything worth it!”

After the morning train experience, I made up my mind that I will take the bus home, no matter how long it takes. The bus, leaving aside the hopeless frequency, was normally really empty as my bus stop was quite close to the route start. You could thank my stars, that day played host to an auspicious celestial event I had never heard of (apparently popular among the fisher-folk in my city). So today the bus was packed way before it got to my stop. I got in, thinking that I would get a place somewhere mid journey; I always did. But not today. The bus began packing – no place to stand, no place to breathe…

I guess it was a tough day on the bus driver too. As we reached closer to home, he missed a turn and went straight ahead. It is truly a spectacle when a crowd turns into a mob – hissing, bickering, yelling; and you are just a helpless part of it, a mere helpless spectator. The driver was forced to take a U-turn a little ahead to head to my stop, so I had to endure the manic crowd for an additional thirty minutes in the evening traffic. I finally got off the bus, three hours into my journey, and I gazed up at the night sky. I shouted – “is this the end of my horrendous day? Or do I get hit by a bus right about now?”

I walked home slowly – bruised, battered, and really sweaty. I had finally gained victory over my bad day and now it seemed to be over. My body ached all over as if I got off a stampede. Carefully, I made it up the elevator to my house. I dropped my bag and headed for the shower.

A half hour later, I was relaxing, listening to some soft music when my cell phone sprang to life. I looked at the display really closely.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was her! I hadn’t managed to get a good look at her today, let alone speaking to her. And there she was, wanting to talk! It seemed so unreal; unreal for today.

I took the call. She wished me with an excited “Congratulations!” I was stunned. “What the hell is she talking about?” were my first thoughts. I demanded an explanation. She told me that the exam results were out, and I had secured a distinction! I could not believe my ears! I was on cloud nine. First the great news, and then that too from a totally unexpected, special caller! Wow, I felt like hugging her on the phone! (Maybe they’ll think of a way of letting me do that in the future). I broke into a celebratory dance; violins appeared to be playing out of nowhere.

There you have it – a totally lousy day with a happy ending. Maybe we all ought to think about it. There is a God who is looking at us from above. He gives us all the worst experiences, maybe because he is preparing us for the joys that follow so that we appreciate them more. I’d say that our fate is inescapable, but while we’re at it, go ahead and enjoy the ride!

© 2013 Mihir Kamat
Featured image courtesy of myxer.com

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